I would like to acknowledge my sincere appreciation for the extra effort, professionalism and caring consideration that I received from Kate. From the beginning she was very comforting and I felt as if I was speaking to a close friend who truly cared about my situation. She was always responsive and understanding. She was straight forward and always had a positive attitude. She always gave 110% in everything she did for me. She was truly an angel sent to me to help me in my time of need and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help. I not only found a great attorney but I have also found someone I can truly call a friend.

KB, San Rafael

In my experience with different family law attorneys, I found Kate to be very powerful, strong & effective without defamation or slander. Her eloquence proved to go so much further than vicious and hurtful strategies. Family law matters are so sensitive and her ability to take this approach did in fact avail me much more in the eyes of the Court. As a result my case was concluded with my best interests in mind and most importantly, the best interest of my child. I will almost certainly need a family law attorney in the future and will retain Kate again.

JT, San Rafael

Kate Rockas represented my daughters in sensitive litigation involving their father. She was genuinely concerned for their welfare and did everything possible to secure their well-being. She stood up with heart, with integrity and with honor. She was well prepared and argued logically in court. If you want the strength and honor of a female Atticus Finch, you will trust Kate Rockas.

JW, Napa

Kate was efficient, professional and most of all kind and understanding. When I did not know what to do next, where to turn and was completely in a spin, all of Kate's professional and personal qualities were there to support me. Everything ran smoothly. She was just what I needed in this time of emotional strain.

CQ, San Rafael

Kate continually provides me with expert advice. She understands the nuances of my case, and doesn't hesitate to "go to bat" for me when I need her representation for complex custody issues. Without her as my attorney I would have more stress and less opportunity to get the necessary results for my family.

AK, San Anselmo

Kate took on my divorce, which like many was full of complexities and emotions and she saw it through to completion. Kate always demonstrated tremendous competence and all the while was compassionate and caring in regards to my needs and concerns. Divorce is a very unfamiliar and stressful time and place for most of us and having someone like Kate representing me allowed me to understand the process and make clear decisions along the way. I would highly recommend Kate as a divorce attorney.

RD, Las Vegas

In 2007 I made the decision to dissolve my marriage of almost 20 years. This was an extremely emotional decision and it involved separating assets that had been held mutually. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Kate Rockas. Kate methodically got the job done while maintaining a sensitive and reassuring demeanor. Kate was always available when I needed clarification on an issue or when I just needed someone to understand how I was feeling. I highly recommend Kate for any family law matter.

RL, Novato

Kate Rockas fought for me and won. When my ex-husband left the country and tried to deprive me of money due in our divorce settlement, Kate quickly located an out-of-state of attorney and tied up the money until we are able to save my nest egg. Kate was there for me through the whole process during one of the lowest points of my life. She listened to my concerns and answered my many questions. Kate is straight forward and professional. Right from the beginning she explained all of my options (including options that didn't include her services) and she laid out all of the potential costs. Kate led me successfully through the murky, unknown waters of the legal system and courts, helping me to get what I needed to sail forward with my life. I can never thank her enough.

PK, Fairfax