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What Is a Family Law Specialist and Why Should I Hire One?

When it comes to contentious issues like divorce, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and domestic violence, it is important to have strong legal representation. Attorney Kate Rockas has been practicing for over three decades, and is well equipped to represent you and your family in these often overwhelming and complex situations. Ms. Rockas is a family law specialist, having undergone numerous in-field evaluations, and has received recommendations from family law judges and fellow attorneys. She understands the nuances of settlements and litigation and advises her San Rafael, CA, clients in an honest and direct manner.

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Attorney Kate Rockas can help you navigate through complex divorce proceedings and ensure your best interests are protected.

What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

Family law, also known as domestic law, encompasses a wide range of legal situations including divorce, spousal supportchild custody and visitation, domestic violence, property division, and more. A certified family law specialist is, in simple terms, highly well-versed in family law.

Only a very small percentage of attorneys become certified family law specialists, and Kate Rockas is one of them.

To become a certified family law specialist in California, you must meet a rigorous set of standards. You will need to:

  • Demonstrate that in each of the past five years, you have practiced family law for at least a quarter of the time preceding your application
  • Demonstrate expertise in trials, hearings, stipulations, settlements, and mediations
  • Complete 45 hours of coursework in family law, including but not limited to child support, child custody, spousal support, division of property, mediation of disputes, and domestic violence
  • Pass an examination that is roughly eight hours in length
  • Provide referrals from other attorneys and judges in family law that can vouch for your ability, knowledge, temperament, and ethics

Kate Rockas has not only met but exceeded these standards. When you trust your case to Ms. Rockas, you can feel confident that you are working with a reputable attorney who has in-depth knowledge of family law.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Specialist?

Only a very small percentage of attorneys become certified family law specialists, and Kate Rockas is one of them. As evidenced by her ability to meet the demanding standards set forth by the California State Bar for education, experience, and knowledge in family law, she is qualified to handle even the most complex of cases. There are several advantages of working with Kate Rockas, including:

  • She can carefully evaluate your case and pay attention to the smallest of details
  • She possesses a very thorough understanding of family law due to her countless hours of practice
  • She is a talented mediator and negotiator. Although her priority is to reach an amicable solution between disputing parties, she will pursue litigation if necessary.
  • She has a favorable standing among many of her peers and family law judges. She has received recommendations for her performance and capabilities
  • She is committed to pursuing continuous education and achieving recertification to ensure she stays up-to-date on any changes to Family Code

Ms. Rockas treats her clients with the respect and integrity they deserve, and handles each case with the utmost compassion and consideration.

Effective Legal Representation

If you are a victim of domestic violence, are going through a divorce, are seeking a fair resolution to a child custody and visitation dispute, or are dealing with any other family law matter, contact Kate Rockas. As a certified family law specialist, she can advocate tirelessly to help you reach a successful outcome. To learn more about how Ms. Rockas can help you resolve your family dispute, contact us online or call us at (415) 306-5560.

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I consider Kate to be an outstanding Family Law attorney. She is one of only two Family Law attorneys in Marin County to whom I refer clients.

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