Divorcing your spouse takes time and patience, and it may also take a heavy emotional toll. Luckily, you have some degree of control over how much your divorce costs you.

Often, divorcing couples decide to end their marriages through mediation, rather than litigation. Mediation involves both parties working together with an neutral mediator who helps the parties work through custody issues, spousal support considerations and other necessary matters including division of property. Mediation may bring with it the following significant benefits.

1. It is often easier for kids.

By undergoing divorce mediation, you are demonstrating to your child that you and the other parent still have the ability to come together when it counts. In a litigated divorce, your child may sense the conflict between you and feel as if he or she must pick sides. Mediation eliminates much of this “us against them” mentality by having your family work together to achieve a common goal: the dissolution of your marriage. Your child may also have a better shot at remaining close with both parents after divorce when you and the other parent opt for mediation.

2. It is often more affordable.

The less-adversarial nature of mediation means it is usually much cheaper than a litigated divorce. Expect to save on court fees and legal expenses, which increase when you fight over every last asset or matter. Most mediated divorces also end faster than traditional divorces, and this, too, saves money.

3. It is more private.

Mediation is naturally more private and confidential than a litigated divorce. In a traditional California divorce, the court records and details of it may become visible to others who search for them. This is not the case with mediation, however, so it may present a good way to keep your private life to yourself.

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