Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that can be extremely helpful during a divorce. It isn’t designed to help you and your spouse get back together, but it is aimed at reducing the stress and conflict traditionally associated with divorce.

While there are dozens of possible benefits of mediation sessions, the most important ones that you should know about include potentially:

  • Lowering the cost of your divorce
  • Reducing the length of disputes
  • Maintaining decorum during divorce
  • Coming up with reasonable solutions that both parties agree to

The first, and potentially most important benefit for some individuals, is that mediation may save you money. Instead of having to fight it out in the courtroom through pricy litigation, you can sit down with a mediator to try to work out a resolution. You and your spouse will sit down together (or, in some cases, apart). Then, the mediator will help you understand laws and regulations that may affect your case.

Mediators can often reduce the length of disputes because they’re there to prevent your conversation from going off the rails. If someone gets upset, or if anyone is disrespectful, the mediator has the power to stop the session or ask you to take a break. Thanks to the sessions’ rules, you’ll know what’s expected of you during these conversations.

The rules of the mediation sessions are also designed to maintain decorum. No one should be involved in a shouting match or be degrading another person during mediation. The mediator is there to make sure you both stick to the rules.

Finally, the primary objective is to come up with a solution that you and your spouse can agree to. Whether you’re dealing with a dispute over custody, specific assets or other parts of your divorce, this is your opportunity to negotiate a settlement that feels right and fair for both of you.

Your mediator will take steps to make the process as simple as possible. Consider mediation, because its benefits are impressive and can help you move your divorce forward more easily.

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