Divorce Mediation

A Neutral Third Party Can Help You Reach A Compromise

Rather than advocating for just one party, a divorce mediation attorney advocates for a compromise between both parties. As an experienced mediator and lawyer, Kate Rockas will work to keep your communication open and constructive, so you can avoid a contested divorce. Throughout the process, she can help you make decisions for mutual agreements regarding:

Attorney Rockas’ goal is to help the divorce mediation process go smoothly. With her help, you can navigate your divorce more effectively and efficiently than with litigation.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

One of the greatest benefits of divorce mediation is that the process can place far less stress on those involved, especially children. The process will be held in a safe, encouraging environment that can remove much of the hostility that accompanies litigation and public divorce proceedings. Another significant advantage is that the cost of mediation is much less than the cost of litigation. The mediation process also takes far less time than litigation.

With the help of a mediator who is also certified by The State Bar of California as a family law specialist, you can expect the process of avoiding a contested divorce to be a much more effective, less stressful experience. Removing hearings, court appearances and a trial from a divorce proceeding often helps clients feel less overwhelmed by divorce. However, divorce is still complicated and will require you to have some difficult conversations. Kate Rockas is a compassionate mediator who takes the time to understand both sides. With her help, both parties can achieve a compromise that protects each person’s rights and interests.

Achieve Constructive Discussions And A Less Stressful Divorce Process

If you are considering divorce mediation versus litigation, contact Kate Rockas online to learn more about the process and how you can benefit. Serving as a mediator since 2000, she can provide an in-depth consultation, answering any questions you may have to help you understand the best legal solutions for your needs.