Questions About Divorce

Common Questions And Answers About Divorce

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce will depend largely on whether the matter is uncontested or contested. Keep in mind, hourly rates and retainer fees will vary from one attorney to the next. Make sure you discuss these matters in your initial consultation.

  • Uncontested divorce — An uncontested divorce is one in which spouses agree on all aspects related to the divorce, such as division of property, custody arrangements and support, and spousal support or alimony. When disagreement is minimal, you may be able to avoid the cost of court dates and ongoing legal fees. The more back and forth there is, the higher the costs will be.
  • Contested divorce — A contested divorce is one in which spouses dispute one or more issues. This can involve many steps, including preparing, filing and serving a divorce petition, responding to the petition, hiring an attorney, engaging in discovery, pretrial motions and hearings, settlement negotiations and proposals, trial preparation (if there is no settlement), trial and appeal. Each part of the process takes time and costs money. Though it is difficult to pinpoint a number, you can easily expect the total expense to range from $15,000 to $20,000.

How Are Assets And Debts Divided?

In California, assets acquired and debts incurred by either spouse while married belong equally to both spouses, provided a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement was not made. When dividing a debt, we must first determine whether it is a “community” or “separate” debt. A community debt is generally a debt incurred during marriage and prior to separation, while a separate debt is one incurred prior to marriage or after separation. Separate debts belong solely to the partner who incurred it.

What Is Ms. Rockas’ Legal Style?

Kate Rockas believes in finding amicable solutions. By avoiding court, you can save money on legal fees and feel confident about your peaceful resolution. However, when agreeable solutions cannot be developed, Ms. Rockas will to pursue litigation to protect your best interests.

Why Choose Kate Rockas?

With divorce comes uncertainty. Many individuals find themselves unsure about how to proceed. No matter the circumstances, it is important to hire a qualified family law specialist to guide you through the legal process. During your initial consultation, attorney Kate Rockas can answer all your divorce questions, whether they relate to the cost of divorce or the proceedings. Dedicated to her clients, Ms. Rockas will advocate on your behalf to protect your best interests, as well as strive for an amicable resolution.

Kate Rockas has practiced law for over 25 years and has met the rigorous standards set by The State Bar of California to become a family law specialist. With her dedicated nature and track record of success, she is often recommended by many of her peers and judges. Email her firm in San Rafael for a consultation.

What Is The Difference Between Mediation And Litigation?

One of the biggest differences between mediation and litigation is that the mediator is not there to make decisions, but instead is present to help each side come to a beneficial, binding agreement. Attorney Kate Rockas can act as a neutral third party rather than representing one of the spouses. She will meet with both parties, working to reach a mutual agreement on all pertinent issues. During structured meetings, parties will discuss points one by one, striving to achieve the best possible solutions in a private, safe area.

Divorce litigation takes place in the court and makes the entire divorce proceeding public record. All the issues are essentially decided by the judge. Through mediation, both parties have much more say throughout the process. It is far more beneficial when each party communicates and cooperates to reach a mutual agreement. The benefits of divorce mediation include that the process can take far less time than litigation because official legal proceedings require court hearings, appearances and so on. Mediation only takes as long as both parties need. The process can also cost far less than litigation.

Mediation As An Alternative To Litigation

Kate Rockas helps those who are seeking to reach a divorce agreement without taking the matter to court. Mediation has become much more common and desired because it allows both parties to reach an agreement outside of court. When you decide to go through mediation, the mediator can tailor the process and agreements to meet your individual needs. Kate Rockas has provided divorce mediation services to the families of Marin County since 2000. She has the necessary training and skills to conduct effective meetings to reach an agreeable compromise with limited stress.

Discuss Your Best Legal Options With A Certified Family Law Specialist

Among the benefits of mediation versus litigation is that the process can place far less stress on those involved, especially children. However, sometimes mediation is not successful and litigation is the best option to resolve your family law matter. Certified by The State Bar of California as a family law specialist, attorney Kate Rockas has the experience and knowledge to foster the optimal solution for your family. She is one of a few lawyers in the state with this distinction. Contact Kate Rockas in San Rafael for a consultation. Learn more by completing the online form.