Family Law

What Is Family Law?

Family law is an area of legal practice that focuses on issues concerning familial matters and relationships. Divorce, child custody and property division are the main components of family law. Other areas such as collaborative law, domestic violence, child abuse and adoption are also common practice areas for family attorneys.

Lawyers practicing family law need to have a deep sense of compassion, patience and understanding as most of all family law cases contain sensitive information and dramatic changes in family’s lives. Attorney Kate Rockas has the special ability to customize her approach to the particular circumstances and characteristics your case so that you can gain an objective sense of ease during a stressful time. Certified by The State Bar of California as a family law specialist, Ms. Rockas is extensively knowledgeable in all family law matters. She offers a personal approach — including opportunities to explore the benefits of mediation — that allows clients to stay focused on their future.

The Emotional Impact Of Family Legal Decisions

Most individuals will deal with a family law matter at some point in their lives. The emotional and psychological impact of these types of cases can be significant on the spouses, children, and their loved ones. Divorce, though more common than ever before, can be chaotic and can create a roller coaster of emotions for all parties involved. Navigating the legal process on top of the emotional fallout can seem an insurmountable task for many individuals. In addition, children can be especially impacted throughout the ordeal, facing much confusion and, many times, difficulties adjusting to their new lives.

It is vitally important to seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney such as Kate Rockas. She can simplify the process for the whole family, making it easier to understand and accept. With her experience, she can separate the varying emotions from your case and focus solely on what is best for the future of yourself and any children involved. She listens objectively to your entire situation during an in-depth consultation, and then composes a strategy to fairly approach your unique situation in such a way that allows you to move forward proactively.

Seek A Compassionate Family Law Attorney Who Is On Your Side

If you are facing a divorce or seeking a child custody attorney, you need an experienced, compassionate and understanding attorney who can protect the rights of you and your family. Kate Rockas is a family law attorney in San Rafael who offers professional and proven counsel for any legal family law matter you may have, including divorce, child custody, support and property division. She has over 25 years of experience helping families resolve their conflicts. As your attorney or mediator, she can ensure that your rights and interests and those of your children are protected throughout the process. Email Kate Rockas to schedule a consultation.