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Access to their children is often one of the most important and emotional issues for divorcing parents. Divorcing parents are often unable to agree on how custody and visitation should be handled, or even experience parental alienation. When these issues are going to be decided by the court, it is very important to retain an experienced child custody lawyer.

How California Looks at Child Custody

In California, courts presume that parents will share joint legal custody of their children and the responsibility of making decisions on their children’s’ behalf. Physical custody of the children can be shared, or one parent may have primary custody with the other parent having visitation.

It is generally better for the children if a custody agreement can be negotiated. However, when parents cannot reach an agreement and the court has to determine the custody issues, they are required to attend custody mediation with Family Court Services. Whenever there is a dispute between parents regarding their children, the issue for the court is not who is a good parent or bad parent, but what is in the best interest of the children.

I Prepare My Clients for Child Custody Mediation

As an experienced child custody attorney, I have worked closely with numerous clients to develop parenting plans that best meet the needs of their children. When custody and visitation issues must be decided by the court, the judges rely heavily on the recommendations of the Family Court Services mediator. For this reason, it is very important to be prepared for mediation with Family Court Services. Since lawyers and judges cannot be present during these mediation sessions, I work with my clients so that they know exactly what to expect and how to most effectively present their perspective to the Family Court Services mediator.

If my clients’ circumstances should change, I can initiate a change in the Child Custody Order. A new partner, different job or new home can all mean that the parenting plan should be modified. As the children get older, their needs, interests and activities also evolve.

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