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Plan Your Child's Future with a Child Support Attorney

The amount of child support a parent receives will impact the security and wellbeing of the child for years to come. Yet, decisions about providing or receiving child support are often clouded with emotion. Reaching an agreement that is fair and equitable often requires the counsel of an experienced child support attorney with deep knowledge of the legal process and costs used in calculating support payments.

How California Calculates Child Support

Child Support Orders are based upon the Statewide Uniform Guideline for Child Support, and the calculation requires a computer program. When the court makes an order for child support, it is important that it has accurate information regarding the earnings of each party and the actual time spent with the children.

Effective, Experienced Legal Representation

Using the same software program that the courts use, I am able to advise my clients as to how much child support should be paid or received taking into consideration the income of both parents, how much time the children spend with each parent, childcare costs and health insurance expenses. When the court makes an order for child support, it is critical that accurate information is provided. Having an experienced divorce attorney present the information properly is extremely important.

If circumstances should change, I can initiate a change in the Child Support Order, These circumstances may include: a change in income for one or both parents, a significant change in how much time the child spends with each parent, or a change in the cost of child care, health care or education.

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If you have issues pertaining to child support and need the advice of an experienced and thorough family law attorney, I am available to speak with you preliminarily on the phone.

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