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Work with an Experienced, Fair Divorce Attorney

An experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate through the stressful and anxious process of divorce and can help you make important decisions without emotions clouding your judgment. Kate Rockas is an understanding and professional divorce attorney in San Rafael, CA, who can provide structure and stability in this chaotic time. As your attorney, she can create a clear and effective strategy to help you more easily navigate this complicated process. She can protect your interests during the filing process and over the long-term, ensuring a better outlook and future.

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A divorce attorney’s primary role is to protect your rights and interests, as well as the rights and interests of your children.

California Divorce Law

California’s divorce laws can be complicated, especially if the divorce is contested. For this reason, it is important to understand your rights and be informed about the issues. During the divorce process, both parties or the courts will make decisions regarding:

It is important to keep in mind that a divorce does not have to mean lengthy court processes. Many couples go through divorce mediation, which settles all legal decisions outside of court. The mediation process is often more beneficial for both parties, as well as any children involved.

Marin County All-Day Settlement Process

Marin County has an exclusive all-day court supervised settlement process for couples who are unable to reach an agreement on their own. With this process, three family law attorneys volunteer their time and meet with the clients’ legal representation or the clients themselves to provide helpful feedback similar to what a judge may say.

Although more expensive than mediation, the all-day settlement process is less expensive than a formal trial. It is a viable and successful alternative to trial for many clients. The goal of this legal route is to help ensure all parties feel they had a fair say in the outcome. It is important to note that child custody is not handled through this process. A separate Interdisciplinary Settlement Council is in place to deal with child custody issues.

Kate Rockas will explain the entire divorce process step by step and create a plan so you have greater structure when making decisions.

How an Attorney Can Help

A divorce attorney’s primary role is to protect your rights and interests, as well as the rights and interests of your children. Kate Rockas upholds all these goals when representing clients. She is also there to guide you throughout the divorce or legal separation process. It is an emotional, overwhelming, and stressful time in a person’s life. She can provide a clear plan and step-by-step guideline to help you get through the struggle.

Prior to your in-person consultation, you will speak with Kate Rockas over the phone. She can gather more information about your particular case and then provide you with more details as to what to bring and what to expect during the consultation.

Your in-person consultation should last about an hour. You are not required to bring anything, but tax returns are usually helpful. The primary goal of this initial consultation is to help your understand the divorce process. Kate Rockas can answer your questions and explain the entire procedure step by step. She can then create a plan so you have greater structure when making decisions. At this time, she will also explain the local court systems and the various options available, such as mediation and the all-day settlement process.

Receive Trusted Representation

If you are considering divorce, the best thing you can do is to speak with an attorney first. This is especially true in cases of high-asset divorce, and we are prepared to help in these matters as well. Our firm can protect your interests and help you face the future. Contact our office online or call us at (415) 306-5560 to schedule your consultation with family law specialist Kate Rockas.

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