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A Skilled Equitable Distribution Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests

The division of property due to divorce involves some of the most important and far-reaching decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Who will keep the house, the car and other assets that the couple has acquired? If there is a family business, how will it be valued and divided? These decisions can affect an individual’s wellbeing for years, or even a lifetime. Reaching an agreement that is fair and equitable often requires the counsel of an experienced equitable distribution lawyer.

How California Looks at Marital Property

California is one of nine community property states. Community property generally includes personal property, bank accounts, investment accounts, real property, businesses and retirement funds acquired during the marriage. Separate property includes what was owned prior to marriage and property acquired by inheritance or gift.

In general, community property assets and debts are divided equally in all cases. However, properly classifying which assets and debts belong to the community and which assets are separate property can be very difficult and contentious. Disputes can also arise in determining the value of marital assets.

Effective, Experienced Legal Representation

As an experienced divorce attorney, I work with professional appraisers, accountants and other financial experts to ensure the proper characterization and valuation of the community property. I work diligently with my clients to find creative and workable solutions for the division of their assets without compromising their rights. If the parties are unable to agree on a fair and equitable settlement, I will thoroughly and meticulously prepare the matter for court proceedings. I am also able to help in cases of high-asset divorce.

If you will be negotiating a division of property agreement and need the advice of an experienced and responsive lawyer, I am available to speak with you preliminarily on the phone.

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