Alimony & Spousal Support

An Alimony Attorney Can Help Protect Your Future

When a couple legally separates or divorces, the court may order one of the spouses or domestic partners to pay the other a certain amount of support each month. This is called “spousal support” for married couples and “partner support” in domestic partnerships. It is sometimes also called “alimony.” It is important to address the issue of spousal support early in the divorce process. Kate Rockas is a skilled alimony attorney who works to ensure you receive just compensation so you can begin to rebuild a new life.

How California Calculates Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support is based on the earnings of each party. In California, the same computer software program used to determine child support is used to determine temporary support. Kate Rockas uses this computer program to help clients determine how much temporary spousal support would be paid or received depending on the circumstances. It is important to address the issue of temporary spousal support early in a case.

At the time of trial or settlement of the case, spousal support is set based on a number of factors, including the income of each party, the length of the marriage and the marital standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. Attorney Rockas is experienced in analyzing the facts of a case and how to present those facts favorably to clients. Whether representing the party who receives spousal support, or the party who must pay, Kate always works to obtain the correct level of support and ensures that clients’ rights are protected.

Effective, Thorough Legal Representation When Your Circumstances Change

If your circumstances change, Ms. Rockas can initiate a change in the spousal support order. These circumstances may include:

  • The spouse or partner receiving support no longer needs it
  • The income of the person paying support significantly decreases
  • The spouse/partner getting support is not making a good faith effort toward being self-supporting
  • The spouse/partner receiving support remarries and the support should end

Schedule A Consultation With An Experienced Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

When you are seeking spousal support and need the advice of an experienced and thorough family law attorney, Kate Rockas is available to speak with you preliminarily on the phone. She can guide you through a contested or uncontested divorce and answer any questions you have about the divorce process and legal proceedings. Contact the firm in San Rafael by completing the online form.