Modify Agreements With The Help Of A Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

A post-judgment modification can help ensure that proper child custody and spousal support continues to be provided with changing life events and the passing of time. Kate Rockas is an effective post-judgment modification attorney who can help you find peace of mind in this chaotic time. Certified as a family law specialist by The State Bar of California, she places a strong emphasis on client education, ensuring each of her clients understand the modification process. Attorney Rockas can help you develop a strategy for your support orders. With her help, you can understand what will happen if the court will not grant your request for modification or makes changes to your request, and she can ensure you are prepared for all possible outcomes.

What Is A Post-Judgment Modification?

A post-judgment modification can extend alimony and child support payments, and can increase or decrease the payment amount to reflect each party’s income. At the time of your divorce, you and your former partner or a judge decided on child custody and visitation rights and payments of child and spousal support. These decisions are generally made with the understanding that circumstances can and will change over time. When they do, you can work with Kate Rockas to file your request to the court seeking changes to your arrangements.

Reasons For Post-Judgment Modifications

There are a number of different reasons you may seek modification of custody or support orders. Reasons for modification may include:

  • Changes in the income of one party, such as loss of employment, a promotion or a new job
  • One party remarries or begins cohabiting with a new partner
  • A child’s needs change due to injury, health complications or simply age and various activities
  • One parent seeks to relocate
  • Physical or mental health of one parent deteriorates
  • One parent has begun abusing alcohol or illegal substances, or was involved in criminal activity

These requests can also make changes to custody and visitation based on the physical and mental capabilities of each parent. Kate Rockas can help you determine if the changes merit seeking a post-judgment modification. With her help, you can file a sound request for a modification of your current legal arrangements.

The Post-Judgment Modification Process

The modification process can often take two to three months as you navigate all stages of filing and settlement. Kate Rockas is a lawyer who takes time to work with you so that she fully understands your situation and the need for a modification. She will provide guidance on the process and review the potential for its approval. Having a thorough understanding of the modification process can help you avoid unnecessary obstacles. She will help you develop a sound plan to boost your odds of a successful petition.

Receive Personal, Effective Counsel

If circumstances surrounding your child custody or spousal support agreements have changed and you want to modify these agreements, contact the firm online today. Kate Rockas can help you determine if the changes merit seeking a post-judgment modification. With her help, you can file a sound petition for a modification of your current legal arrangements.